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Сообщение 05 Jan 2016, 13:21
Canada, Ontario
Город: Оттава
Стаж: 2 года 3 месяца 19 дней
Постов: 1
Пол: Ж
Заход: 05 Jan 2016, 13:36
I am Russian citizen, I live and study in Canada for almost 3 years, I have student and work permit, that allows me to work max 20 hours per week. Unfortunately, my family can't afford to pay my tuition fees any more, and at my work place I got an offer to be a manager. I am wondering, if there is any way, how I can switch from student status to work status (to have open work permit) without finishing the university. Also my common law partner has full work permit now, but he works as a taller in bank and will be promoted to higher position only in several months.
Please share some information with me, ,may be you already went through the same situation, or you know someone, who can share with me their experience.
Thank you!
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