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Сообщение 06 Jul 2016, 20:14
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Поскольку процесс это растянутый и постепенно нарастающий и без определенной даты кризиса, никто тревогу всерьез не бьет.

Велл, какие-то шумы там-сям начинают появляться...

A recent study by the Brookfield Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship found that up to 42% of the Canadian labour force is at high risk of being affected by automation in the next 10-20 years. Meaning, if your job falls within a certain category, it’s possible that advances in artificial intelligence and advanced robotics could make it obsolete.

Robots will mostly take over the jobs humans hate doing anyway
“At 42%, if even a portion of that came to be true over the next 10 to 20 years, that would be a huge disruption to Canada’s workforce over a reality short period of time,” says Sean Mullin, executive director of the Brookfield Institute. “What’s also interesting is that there is quite a sharp divide between the skills needed for occupations that are at a high-risk of automation, and those at a low risk.”

High-risk occupations included retail sales people (with a 92% chance of automation), administrative assistants (96%), food counter attendants (91.5%), cashiers (97%) and transport truck drivers (79%).

и далее, с выводом который я давно жду чтобы начал становиться очевидным:

“One of reasons we wanted to look into this was to move the debate forwards,” Mullin says. “We don’t want to have a situation where nothing changes and 20 years from now 42% of the workforce is out of a job.”

“I think it’s something Canadians are going to have to get their heads around, something that employees need to think about when it comes to the type of skills they need to acquire, and something for students to think about as well,” he says. “We’re going to need to start developing structures for people who do end up losing their jobs.”

Не надо есть БЖУ. Надо есть мясо, яйца, рыбу, морепродукты, ферментированное и зеленолистовое.

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