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Канадский профессор (мусульманин!): Канада себя обезоружила, глотая яд мультикультурализма

Политика и общественные проблемы Канады
Сообщение 03 май 2014, 12:05
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Canadian (Muslim!) professor: Canada has disarmed itself by swallowing the toxin of multiculturalism

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 8, 2014

…..and, if Canada has, surely the US is worse because a debate like this one (hosted in part by a mainstream news outlet) would never even happen in America! Frankly, even our major immigration control groups don’t have the nerve to address this issue publicly!

Here is the story from Israel National News. Isn’t that funny that this account of what happened is published in Israel. The only other report I saw in Canada was one blasting the professor for his “Islamophobia!”

Emphasis below is mine:

The MacDonald-Laurier Institute and the Globe and Mail held a public conference recently on the phenomenon of Muslim immigration to the West, which debated whether or not the influx is bringing a culture of violence to Canada and other Western countries.

The debate was conducted between Doug Saunders, journalist for Foreign Affairs for the Globe and Mail, and Salim Mansur, a Political Science professor at the University of Western Ontario, reports Shalom Toronto.

The two addressed the following questions: Are immigrants from Muslim countries bringing violence and values ​​that are inconsistent with Western values​​? Are Muslim immigrants integrating into Western society in the same ways that other ethnic minorities do? And, is Muslim immigration a threat to Canada or West?

Interestingly, it was the political science professor – who is, himself, Muslim – who maintained that Islam remains a threat to Canadian society.

You can read what Saunders had to say and then this is what Dr. Mansur warns us about:

“Canadians’ mistaken notion that all cultures are equal has disarmed this nation in the confrontation with the illiberal demands of radical Islam,” he fired, noting he was “drawing upon – as an immigrant, as a person of color and as a Muslim – inside knowledge of and lived experience in the cultures of both liberal democracy and Islam.”

“A liberal-democratic society based on individual rights, freedom, and the rule of law cannot indefinitely accommodate non-liberal or illiberal demands from immigrant groups without subverting its own culture,” Mansur noted. He then identified three risk factors: the rise in birthrates among the Muslim community, the nature of Muslim culture and its relationship to non-Muslim cultures, and the West’s multiculturalism.

Statistics cited by the professor include proof that the foreign-born population in Canada has become predominantly non-Western since 1967, especially in major city centers, and that the Muslim immigrant population is growing four times faster than other immigrant populations.

As a culture, Mansur stressed, Islam became a “rigid, closed system” during the 14th century, as a result of a heavy Bedouin influence. Mansur maintains that early Islam found Bedouin culture “savage” – but it nonetheless prevailed.

“The full face of this Bedouin-ized Islamic culture that has wrecked the diversity of the Muslim world from within is to be seen in the bigotry, violence, vulgarity and misogyny of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, the Khomeini followers,” Mansur noted. “It is the nature of mainstream contemporary Muslim politics – or Islamism – to conform to the Bedouin disposition.”

This disposition, Mansur claimed, characterizes contemporary Islamic values – even in immigrant communities. The things heard in Canadian mosques are “intractably opposed to liberal democracy,” and aim to “ruin from within” Canadian and Western values, according to the Professor.

Multiculturalism, meanwhile, threatens to allow this attitude to rear its ugly head in the political sphere, according to Mansur.

“In having swallowed the toxin of official multiculturalism, Canada has disarmed itself of the ability to discriminate between immigrant groups which are importing cultural baggage that is harmless, and those that are toxic to the values of liberal democracy,” Mansur concludes.

Time for a little more debate in America about the forbidden ‘M’ words—-Muslims, multiculturalism, and moratorium!


  #2     Канадский профессор (мусульманин!): Канада себя обезоружила, глотая яд мультикультурализма
Сообщение 03 май 2014, 14:48
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Alleged Canadian terror plot has worldwide links

TORONTO - A Canadian counter-terrorism investigation that led to the arrests of 17 people accused of plotting bombings in Ontario is linked to probes in a half-dozen countries, the National Post has learned.

With the exception of two men, who are aged 43 and 30, the alleged terrorists are all in their teens and early 20s.

They include men of Somali, Egyptian, Jamaican, and Trinidadian origin. All are residents of Canada and “for the most part” all are Canadian citizens, police said.
Charged are: Fahim Ahmad, 21, Zakaria Amara, 20, Asad Ansari, 21, Shareef Abdelhaleen, 30, Qayyum Abdul Jamal, 43, Mohammed Dirie, 22, Yasim Abdi Mohamed, 24, Jahmaal James, 23, Amin Mohamed Durrani, 19, Steven Vikash Chand, 25, and Ahmad Mustafa Ghany, 21. A twelfth man was a youth when some of the alleged offences took place and can’t be named, along with the other five youths arrested.

“For various reasons, they appear to have become adherents to a violent ideology inspired by al-Qaida,” said Luc Portelance, the CSIS assistant director of operations.

“Any movement that has the ability to turn people against their fellow citizens is obviously something that CSIS is very concerned about.”

  #3     Канадский профессор (мусульманин!): Канада себя обезоружила, глотая яд мультикультурализма
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с просторов интернета

Mожет ли хороший мусульманин быть хорошим американцем ?

* Теологически - нет.... По причине его верности Аллаху, Лунному Богу, Аравии.*

* Религиозно - нет... Так как никакие религии, за исключением ислама, не признаются его Аллахом (Quran, 2:256)(Koran)*

* Библейски - нет... Потому что его вера заключена в пяти столпах Ислама и Корана.*

* Географически – нет потому что его верность обращена к Мекке, к которой он обращается в молитве пять раз в день.*

* Социально - нет....Потому что его верность исламу запрещает ему приобретать друзей среди христиан и иудеев.*

* Политически - нет...Потому что он должен подчиняться муллам (духовным лидерам), которые учат уничтожению Израиля и разрушение Америки, ВеликойСатаны.*

* В кругу семьи - нет... Потому что ему положено жениться на четырех женщинах и битьем изгонять зло из его жен, когда они не угождают ему (Коран 4: 34)*

* Интеллектуально - нет... Потому что он не может принять Конституцию Соединенных Штатов Америки, поскольку она основана на Библейских принципах и он уверен, что Библия развращает.*

* Философски - нет... Так как Ислам, Мухамед и Коран недопускают свободы религии и слова. Демократия и Ислам не могут сосуществовать. Каждое мусульманское правительство является либо диктаторским либо автократичным.*

* Духовно - нет... Потому что, когда мы заявляем: единая нация под Богом, - мы подразумеваем что христианский Бог любящий и милостивый, в то время как Аллах НИКОГДА не определяется как Отец Всевышний или Небесный, и
никогда-либо он не называется любящим в Коране в 99-и превосходных именах.*

* Поэтому, после длительного изучения и обсуждения, мы скорее всего должны быть очень подозрительными по отношению ко всем мусульманам в этой стране. Они явно не могут быть "хорошими мусульманами" и хорошими американцами.*
"dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum" - René Descartes

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